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When you are getting your artwork ready to send to us, PLEASE use a little common sense.  Obviously, if YOU can't see the detail in the image you are sending, I won't be able to see it either.  A small blurry image will not get you a good looking patch.  If I can't look at your image and say, "OH yeah, I see what you want", you might need to work on your image a little longer.

Text:  If there is a particular font that you want used for the lettering, you may need to provide me with the font.  There are 1000's of free fonts on the internet.  You can search for them on any of the search engines.  I like this site for FREE FONTS .  I also go to DaFONT for free fonts.  If the font you want to use has a distressed look, (tears, holes, etc) it won't work for embroidery.  I can do fancy, but not crappy.  Please choose your font wisely.

Drawings can be used for artwork if they are scanned well.  What creates lots of work is when you draw the image, and then color it in with a marker, colored pencils, or crayons.  PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.  I can add color to your image in a matter of a few minutes.  If you color it in, chances are I have to manually remove the color...THEN color it in again.  This creates more the double the necessary work.  In most cases, I won't have time to remove and redo the color.  I will most likely just pass on your job.

The easiest way to come up with ARTWORK for your patch is to go to and search the IMAGES section for clipart of the items you want in your patch.  For example:  if you want to start a Christian group, you might want a Bible, Dove, a Cross, and wording on a patch shaped like a shield.  You should easily be able to find each piece of the patch on .  Then, you just need to get me all the pieces and USUALLY I can put them together rather quickly.

When creating your patch, remember this:  LESS IS MORE !  If you try to fill all the space, it will look cluttered and people will not be able to see the message you are sending.

If you have any other questions, you can call us toll free at 877-735-1377, Monday  -  Friday 10am to 6pm central time and a 1/2 day either Saturday or Sunday (varies week by week) or you can go to the Contact Us page and send us an e-mail.  If you are sending artwork, you can attach it to the auto response e-mail. 
thanks, Dave