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Back patches come in many forms, sizes, and costs.  The quick answer to the cost question is this:  Your back patch will cost between $4 and $74 depending on size, stitch count, and QTY ordered.  These are just a few of the back patches we have made over the past several years.

We can make patches up to a maximum of about 15 1/2" x 14 1/2" .  When you are trying to come up with a size for your patch, keep in mind that most patches for guys are 10"-12" or so.  Women's patches are close to 8" - 10".  I get calls all the time for 18" patches....Just rethink that idea.

Send your artwork to us and get your free quote.

If you have any other questions, you can call us toll free at 877-735-1377, Monday  -  Saturday 10am to 6pm central time or you can go to the Contact Us page and send us an e-mail.  If you are sending artwork, you can attach it to the response e-mail. 
thanks, Dave


custom patch

custom patch

custom patch

custom patch

custom patch

custom patch

custom patch

custom patch