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Over the past several years, our loyal customers have told many people about us.  Do to the high volume of orders, we are trying to streamline the process so we can better serve each of you.  We have a new site that lists the prices we charge and you can order from the new site also: 


If you are wanting a quote on a patch, please go to the site first.   Simple patches (name tags, rockers, memory patches, small round or rect. patches, even back patches) are all CLEARLY priced by size on the site.  You don't need to know the % of embroidery coverage for pricing.  The Chinese require the embroidery %.  Our patches are made in the USA.  Just Find an item close to the size of what you are wanting, and CLICK ON THE ITEM.  Once you click on the item, pricing will be listed out to about QTY 100-300 depending on the item.  I get about 1000 e-mails a day and I cannot answer them all.  Obviously I can't put everything on the site.  If you have a patch that is cut to shape, then measure it and look at the closest size and shape I have to what you are wanting.  It may not be exact, but it should be close enough for an estimate.  Then if you decide to use us, shoot me an e-mail from

and I will confirm the pricing.  Please understand that we are super busy.  I can spend my time making patches or sending e-mails.  I do understand that there are some patches that are only available by ordering through e-mail.  So do email me, just please don't send me an e-mail asking how much name tags are.  The price is clearly listed on the site and I won't respond unless you have a special type/shape/or graphic for your name tag.

Payment Methods:

WE accept payments from individuals by credit card, paypal, silver, or money order.

Wholesale Direct
The Ozark Biker Shop
509 E. South Street
Ozark, MO 65721

If you call after hours and leave a message.......PLEASE SPEAK SLOWLY AND REPEAT YOUR PHONE NUMBER TWICE.  I have gotten hundreds of messages that I cannot return because no one left a return phone number or I could not understand what was being said.

We are open for business Monday -Friday 10am - 6pm Central time. 
We are also here either Saturday or Sunday, depending on the weather (I like to tend to my garden at least 1 day a week). Contact Form