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At, we design and manufacture custom embroidered patches:  That's the simple explanation of what we do.  We do not embroider on clothing, novelties or anything else.   We make custom embroidered patches.  We have our own machines, here is Missouri, USA.  Our custom embroidered patches are factory quality and competitive with the overseas pricing too.  This saves you money.  BIG MONEY, on all of your custom embroidered patch needs.  In most cases, our price for custom patches is 1/2 the cost of any of our competition.  We do that because of the high volume of custom patches we make, and the low overhead we maintain.  You can also be happy that you are doing business with an American company, and keeping your custom patch money here in the USA.  We are now able to make both sew-on patches or iron-on patches.

Here is what we offer: 

1.  You give us your custom patch artwork.  We will customize it to fit our format  for FREE.  Yup, that's right.  We provide FREE artwork help for your custom embroidered patch.  If you compare that one thing to other companies, you are saving from $10 - $40 right the top.  Please note:  We cannot draw your design from scratch.  We are not artists.  You will need to provide good artwork.  Digital artwork is best :  That means something that you e-mailed us after creating it on your computer.  If you are going to scan artwork....please read the Artwork page.

2.  We will digitize your custom patch artwork into an embroidery ready format for FREE also.  Yup, that's right.  Ask the other "American Made "companies for that and see what answer you will get.  Compare that savings to all the other companies and you can easily see that you are saving another $10 - $100, right the top.

3.  We offer a low $4 flat rate shipping on all orders.  That's another average savings of up to $10.  Need your order faster, we will ship 2nd day air (FedEx) to many locations for just $15-$20.  Sometimes we can get the expedited rates a little lower, but you will normally have to provide a commercial address, work address, or business address to get those lower rates.

4.  That means that you can save from $20 - $70 off the top of the other companies best price.  Now that's a GREAT DEAL.

5.  We are now able to make iron-on or sew-on patches.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that iron on patches are not meant to stick forever with tons of laundering in washing machines.  Eventually they will start to peal off if you wash the clothing on a regular basis..  The iron-on patches work well for ball caps and other items that are not laundered regularly.

How can we offer so much FREE service with our custom embroidery patches?  Simple, we are a family business.  We are a debt free company that has been in business for 15 years.  Many people think that low cost means low or poor quality:  That is just not the case with us.  We don't have hundreds of untrained employees trying to as little as possible...for as much as they can get.  Instead, being a family company, we work hard to keep our reputation (as well as our name) synonymous with high quality and low prices.  Since we own all the machines (no bank payments or lease payments), we can concentrate on quality and production.  IF you have a loved one that passes away and you need "In Memory of Patches" made in a hurry, we can make them to your schedule.  It is not unusual for us to make 500 + patches in a day and ship them out the next day.  Not that I WANT to do that many in 24 hours, but it is possible. 

The whole company is myself (Dave), my beautiful wife of  24 years (Donna), and my three children, (Aaron - the Heir to the Throne), (April - the soon to be manager of the organization), and (Ashley - the Light of all of our Lives-just try not to smile when she enters the room).   We are located in Southern Missouri, in the small town of Ozark, Missouri.  Low overhead and low to no DEBT,  gives us the opportunity to charge less then what everyone else charges for "MADE IN THE USA" custom embroidered patches.     

The reason I am telling you about our business is because it should matter to you.  If you don't think the information about our family business matters, we are not the company for you and you need to go somewhere else.  If you don't understand what I just said or meant by that, you REALLY need to go somewhere else.  Many of Americans complain about jobs going overseas, but few if any, do anything about it.  Our family has dedicated itself to competing with the Chinese factories and we have succeeded.   So if buying American doesn't matter to you, go somewhere else and send your patches to China.  That's right, more then 99% of the custom patch websites send all of the patch orders to China.  I actually make the in Missouri, with my hands, on my machines.   I can only manufacture so many patches each month anyway.  We give our customers a level of service that most people/companies can't even imagine.  In a world full of people that are always trying to do less and get more, we really do stand out.  On our testimonials page, you will see what others say about our business.  These are all real people, that have really bought from us.  I did not solicit a testimonial from them....many of them ASKED ME if they could write one.  To me, it is not a big deal if you need big or small quantities of custom embroidered patches.  I treat everyone the same, but please don't insult me with comments like..."I will order just 1 now, and IF I LIKE IT-I'LL ORDER MORE".  If you have a crappy design for a patch, guess what?  You are going to receive one high quality, well stitched, crappy looking patch!  Not my fault, it is your design. If you had a bad experience with another company, DON'T BLAME ME FOR IT.  I make great looking patches, EVERYONE gets the same care and attention to detail, no matter the size of the order-so please...DON'T BLOW SMOKE UP MY.... with promises of that huge order just around the corner.  Just place whatever size order you need and be done with it.  No Drama, no pie in the sky, no promises or comments, just tell me what you need.   IF you order more, fine...if not fine.  I have all the business I can handle.  I turn down more then I take. What!  I turn down business??  WHY YOU ASK?!?!  Because I AM GOOD AT WHAT I DO!!!!!  Remember, this is my business.  I don't work out of my garage.  I own a small factory,  here in Missouri, and I professionally manufacture embroidered patches.  Period. 

We don't have an actual minimum QTY that you are forced to purchase :  Instead we use the "Difficulty" rule.  that means, if you need a name badge, we will be happy to make just 1.  If you need a 1 or 2 line patch, you might need to purchase a few more.  On the small simple stuff, you can get by for $10-$20 or so.  If you are wanting back patches, you may have to buy 2-3 patches.  It is all based on the time it takes us to convert your artwork to a useable form that works with my machines.  If you can give me good artwork, then as a general rule, my prices for custom embroidered patches will be about 1/2 the cost of the competition for the same or better quality.

If you have an idea for a patch, you will need to put something down on "paper" or as an image in the computer:  At the very least.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not call me and say something like, "I have this idea for a patch...I don't know what size or shape I want though...How much would it cost?"   I cannot give you an answer to that question and I won't.  If you need help designing your patch, call me.  I can give you ideas, advise you on size, and shape, tell you what works well and why.  And, I can answer many of your questions.  But, until I get artwork or an image of some sort, I can't get you price.  I won't just give you an idea or ball park.  Actually, I will give you a ball park figure.  I can tell you this in the broadest of terms, most minimum quantities of patches cost between $10 - $500: That price may or may not include shipping.  There are no other hidden costs.  I have never filled a custom embroidered patch order that was less then $5.  Yours could be, but I doubt it.  If you want a back patch, we make lots of those too.  Obviously, custom back patches cost more then the smaller patches.  The least expensive back patch I have ever made cost about $4.00 more or less,  The most expensive custom patch I have ever quoted was a huge back patch for about $75.00.  I will guess that your custom back patch will fall somewhere in between those 2 prices.  Remember, QTY has a lot to do with that price also.  The $75 back patch was $16 in QTY 's of 50, where the $4.00 patch was for QTY 200 of a 9" diameter Military patch.

Just don't be afraid to call and check us out.  We are reasonably good people and we don't normally bite.  We are not going to harass you or give you a hard sell.  We will give you a price, and ask if you like the price.  If you like our price, we will ask you if  you want us to make them.  If you do want us to make them, we will ask if you want us to make them now or wait:  That's the whole extent of our sales pitch.  We let our quality, service, and prices talk for us.  Keep in Mind, I turn down more business then we take.  I don't have to take jobs, so there is no reason for a hard sell from us.  Along this line, if you are wanting really profane patches, we are probably not the place to go.  I don't like making patches like those.

Delivery times vary for all of our custom patches.  "IN MEMORY OF" patches go to the top of the production sheet.  We do this for several reasons.  Mostly, it is out of respect for our fallen Brothers, Sisters, and the ones they left behind.  If that is not a good enough reason for you, then let me say this..."I do it because I think it is right".  As long as this is my company, we will do it this way.   This doesn't mean that everything else takes a long time though.  We have enough machines to do everything.  So, your patches normally ship in 2-3 days:  Large orders or lots of back patches, normally ship in about a week.  This is one of the reasons we can offer our custom patch manufacturing services for other shops that want to resell our patches too.  If you need your custom patches by a specific delivery date, we can normally accommodate you.  Special delivery and shipping options cost extra, so be sure to inform us of your needs when you ask for your quote.  All of our quotes are based on regular circumstances and do not include expedited delivery.   I have always said, "Lack of preparation on your part, does not create an emergency on my part."  Quality product takes time to manufacture.

If you have any other questions, you can call us toll free at 877-735-1377, Monday  -  Friday 10am to 6pm central time and a 1/2 day either Saturday or Sunday (varies week by week) or you can go to the Contact Us page and send us an e-mail.  If you are sending artwork, you can attach it to the auto response e-mail. 
thanks, Dave